Carbon fiber ring for men

carbon fiber mens ring

If something we look for in a ring for men is that its design and durability go hand in hand. This carbon fiber ring with rose gold ip has a classic design but with an original touch with the play of forms of the pink ip strip that gives it a modern air. 

The manufacture of this carbon fiber rings, as the name suggests, is made with carbon fiber. This material has many properties that make it ideal, so giving a carbon fiber rings as a gift will be a sure hit if you want it to last forever.

A carbon fiber rings withstands bumps and scratches better than other jewelry materials and is very light. These features make them ideal jewelry designs for men who don’t want to take too much care of their accessories. If you need to clean your carbon fiber ring you will only need water, soap and a soft cloth.

We also recommend you to check our stainless steel ring designs, which fit the same characteristics.

Carbon is a chemical element with atomic number 6 and symbol C. It is a solid at room temperature. Depending on the conditions of formation, it can be found in nature in different allotropic forms, amorphous and crystalline carbon in the form of graphite or diamond. 

It is the basic building block of organic chemistry; about 10 million carbon compounds are known, and it is part of all known living things.

The use of carbon as a high-tech material is particularly attractive due to its overall stability, resistance to chemicals and temperature fluctuations. In addition, the material shows hardly any signs of friction wear and is very light. 

Carbon is a material that we associate with sport and leisure, and is ideal for people who are attracted to adventure, want to master their lives and defy the adversities of everyday life by facing the great challenges of everyday life.

The characteristics of the material, its attractive and enigmatic black color and its design possibilities, make carbon a perfect material for the manufacture of wedding rings. 

When carbon is used in combination with other metals such as white gold, yellow gold, palladium or platinum and exquisite rhinestones, the models fascinate even more couples who want something special for their wedding ring.

Depending on the model, the rings are either made of carbon tubing and bonded with a precious metal such as gold, platinum or palladium, or made of a carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin that is wrapped around the ring a multitude of times. 

The carbon fiber used is composed of between 3,000 and 12,000 individual fibers. The fiber is dried for at least 24 hours before the ring can be further processed and final machined. 

Each manufacturing process is unique. During processing, the individual winding of the carbon fiber in each ring causes slight differences in the mottling of the surface so that in a pair of wedding rings the surface patterns are not exactly the same and show slight differences creating each time unique, personal and unrepeatable pieces.

Original carbon fiber engagement ring

Engagement rings often do not fit the style of every bride and groom. That’s why at OKsilver we offer carbon fiber rings, a highly durable jewelry that withstands almost any type of use. An engagement ring should be eternal, so if your style is not a silver wedding ring, don’t worry, there is a carbon fiber ring for you like this one, with pink ip design detail.

How to select the perfect ring? In addition to its design it is very important to choose a jewel whose material suits our lifestyle and how careful we are. So if you are an all-rounder but you like to wear jewelry and you want a ring, a carbon fiber ring will be the perfect engagement ring for you.